Karen Lange Headshot

Karen Lange

Director of Operations. Queen of Questions.

Karen is responsible for so many facets of the big picture here at Exevia. On the base camp level, she’s on the operations front line: answering emails, scheduling appointments, and helping with service requests. But behind the scenes, there’s so much more that she does to keep things from falling through the cracks. 
Karen is one of those people who is at her best when solving a puzzle and piecing together elusive elements to create a beautiful “big picture.” If chaos comes knocking on her door, Karen tells it to go right ahead and take a seat while she sifts, sorts and turns chaos into peace and harmony before chaos knows what hit it. We think everyone should have a Karen.  

Her Tetris-like abilities are matched only by her dedication to helping our clients achieve financial contentment. She’s not afraid to hold hands, hold hearts, or to walk through a difficult situation to get to the other side. Always in forward motion, Karen is wickedly funny and someone you’d like to have a beer with. 

We love her joyful presence, her ability to crack a joke when we need it most and her unwavering, steadfast dedication to the client experience.   

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